Summer@STH ... educating the complete student ... engaging the complete person.

Our extensive summer offerings provide an array of academic, enrichment and athletic camps that will captivate and challenge middle school and high school students, including incoming freshmen.

Our co­ed experience is designed to give students an opportunity to explore new topics and ideas that they have not yet mastered or been exposed to during the academic year.

You’re invited to partner with acclaimed St.Thomas faculty representing the highest academic credentials and Eagle varsity coaches with proven expertise in their chosen discipline.

We hope you find what you are looking for this summer and we look forward to leading you on your path to becoming an Eagle ... for life!

Your summer starts here!

From our coed offerings of Academic Prep and Enrichment Camp STH, Eagle Academic Mysteries and Adventure Camp, Debate Camp, Theater Performance Camp and Athletic Training Camp to our elite sports camps for boys ... all middle school opportunities are designed to reflect a carefully chosen set of engaging content and challenging instruction that will stimulate rising students entering the 6-8 grades, stirring their vivid imaginations and building self confidence.

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Summer@STH delivers a rich variety of engaging opportunities directed to developing lifelong learners and champions for life.

Our goal is to provide an experience which sparks curiosity and ignites passion while improving core skills through a wide range of fun yet challenging activities in the classroom, on the field, on the stage, in the computer lab or in the film room.

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Our summer camp commitment is consistent with the mission of Eagle athletics ... that our athletes learn the valuable lessons of dedication, loyalty and discipline yielding more than just performance outcomes in their sport, but the lifelong reward of pride in their personal and program achievement.

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