Camp STH is a co­ed academic prep and enrichment experience to help rising 6th -­ 8th graders prepare for their transition from middle school to high school and beyond.

Our program builds a strong cognitive, strategic and creative foundation of skills and knowledge as well as social and recreational activities to give middle school students a fun and enriching summer. Camp STH inspires independent thinking, personal growth and self­-confidence. Everyone is welcome and everyone belongs. Join Camp STH and stretch your brain while creating long-­lasting friendships this summer.

Session 1

8:00 am - 3:15 pm

Session 2

8:00 am - 3:15 pm

8:00 a.m.​ Brain Games

9:15 a.m. Making a Math Brain

10:30 a.m. Enrichment Elective

Session 1 - June Teen Eagle TV or Study Skills

Session 2­ - July​ Lego Robotics or Study Skills

12:30 p.m.​ Lunch and Recreation

1:15 p.m.​ Drum to the Beat!

1:45 p.m.​ A Hero’s Journey

Making a Math­-Brain

Campers are immersed in developing problem solving and analytical skills while fostering a passion for math. Interactive activities will enhance and broaden students’ understanding of core concepts learned in the academic year. Logic and reasoning challenges provide fun opportunities to promote teamwork and confidence building. The goal of the program is to develop young students into creative and critical thinkers and encourage the pursuit of higher-­level math courses, degrees and careers.

STH Faculty: Mary Cassaro, Mathematics Department.

Brain Games

What does a paper clip, a spoon, and a rubber band have in common? Destructive power! Confused? These are the ingredients of a hand held catapult. Expand your mind and challenge your brain engaging in competitive games, projects and puzzles. Researchers at University of California, Berkeley, have declared that mental training games can help students avoid the summer learning slide while playing a significant impact on enhancing cognitive and behavioral development. You will take everyday items and transform them into extraordinary machines. See how quickly you can construct a maze and discover your way out. Explore what it takes to keep your Martian colony alive with only a limited amount of supplies. Test your memory, flexibility, attention and problem­-solving ability. You may be surprised how much fun is in stretching your brain to the limit!

STH Faculty: Grover Green, Social Studies Department, Quiz Bowl Moderator.

Teen Eagle TV

(Elective Course Session 1)

You could become the next great video producer, editor or television host. Gain insight on how to make an impact either in front of the TV camera or behind-­the­-scenes. Campers will explore essential broadcast journalism skills, news­-gathering and production techniques while utilizing the same Eagle Broadcast Network studio as STH students. These hands­-on sessions are led by STH faculty and will allow campers to enterprise their own newscast, record video, write and edit their stories and gain valuable experience into other areas of television news in a fun­-filled environment.

STH Faculty: Lance Dundee, Technology Department, EBN (Eagle Broadcast Network) Moderator.

SMARTS Study Skills

(Elective Course Session 1 or 2)

We are utilizing the most well­ researched study skills curriculum available, the SMARTS Executive Function Program, developed by Dr. Lynn Meltzer of the Research Institute for Learning and Development, and the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

SMARTS ...​ S​trategies, M​otivation, A​wareness, R​esilience, T​alents, S​uccess. This amazing resource is designed for all ability levels and identifies Executive Functioning strengths and challenges along with individual strategies for learning, as well as the why, where, when and how to use them.

Six major units of instruction are emphasized ... including goal setting, flexible problem solving, organizing time and materials, accessing working memory, and self­-monitoring.

NOW is the time to seize those skills that will benefit you in your high school preparatory. and beyond. Discover and develop tools for time management, increased focus during lectures, aspects of efficient note ­taking, clues to textbook reading and tips on enhancing memory ... along with streamlining your study habits to better complete assignments and improving your aptitude for recalling facts during exams. Give yourself an edge!

STH Faculty: Grover Green, Social Studies Department, Quiz Bowl Moderator & Rod Takacs, Dean of Students, Legal Studies, Legal Studies.

LEGO Robotics

(Elective Course Session 2)

Do you have a mechanical mind? Join us to explore real­-world engineering concepts and projects through the exciting world of LEGO robots. Campers with work in small teams designing, building, maneuvering and programming robots to manipulate an obstacle course and complete missions or tasks ... all while discovering critical thinking, team­ building and presentation skills in a creative setting. Students should be comfortable taking measurements and doing calculations involving ratios and proportions.

STH Faculty: Nell Warnes, Technology Department.

Available to percussionists and non-percussionists alike, this high-energy in-the-moment adventure provides an opportunity to develop skills using various instruments from around the world in an atmosphere of fun, learning and togetherness.

Designed to empower and inspire novice or experienced musicians while increasing awareness of technical and creative abilities through the experience of improvisational rhythm and sound.

STH Faculty: Donald Thoede, Fine Arts Department, Band Director

A Hero’s Journey

Heroes and legends occupy a world well outside the Marvel universe. Whether Robin Hood or Robinson Crusoe ... Huckleberry Finn or Harry Potter ... the hero and his journey appears in much of the world’s most ancient literature and is still found in our popular literature and media today. Though his face and language may change, his journey always follows the same basic pattern and holds significance to the most basic human instincts ... a story about overwhelming odds overcome by a person whom we can relate to through his flaws and struggles.

However, unlike us, the hero is able to cross into the supernatural realm and fight the monsters who have no form but fear in reality. Through reading these kinds of stories, we are able to vicariously slay these monsters and enjoy the magic present in the journey.

Over the course of the week, campers will connect with many traditional and contemporary heroes and explore their journeys as inspiration for the camper’s own hero story, created and crafted with special attention given to the writing process and the significance of the student’s choices within the structure.

STH Faculty: Laura Speck, Writing Specialist.