Eagle Academic Mysteries & Adventure Camp is an enrichment week designed to ignite exploration of new subjects as bright, forward-thinking campers make new friends and experience the St. Thomas campus and community.

An invaluable opportunity for curious and high-achieving middle school students to explore the frontiers of 3D printing, digital media, riveting history, and improvisational music, all created in collaboration with acclaim St. Thomas faculty. Five days of interactive instruction allows campers to begin identifying and fueling their passions while enjoying personal development, honing their leadership skills and kick-starting their futures.

8:00 a.m.​ Way of the Warrior

9:15 a.m. History’s Mysteries

10:30 a.m. Drum to the Beat!

11:15 a.m. Teen Eagle TV

12:30 p.m.​ Lunch and Recreation

1:15 p.m.​ Science of 3D

Conflict and conquest, through arms and armor, have served as a hallmark of almost every known culture for thousands of years.

For better and at times worse, man has sought pivotal and technological advantage in order to conquer or defend, waging war often giving rise to art form.

Discover the prized objects and virtues that personified bravery and skill, whether beautifully crafted swords, the elegant motions of a martial artist, or the inspirational battlefield qualities of honor, courage and loyalty.

Way of the Warrior gives campers the chance to explore the tactics and weaponry of the notable soldiers of ancient and medieval times. Gain a greater understanding of the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and more while exploring the careful art and complex ingenuity of these amazing civilizations on your way to becoming … a warrior!

STH Faculty: Grover Green, Social Studies Department, Quiz Bowl Moderator
Forget the dry textbooks and memorizing names and dates. Let’s enter a parallel world of history’s might-have-beens, the “what ifs?” for humanity's shared experience.

From the age of the Aztecs to the Civil War, D-day to the Kennedy assassination, campers will examine a virtual history of imaginative alternatives and counterfactual narratives where events and outcomes take a decidedly different course.

Join us this summer as we discuss the famous, as well as infamous, people and events that shaped culture, society and history and we ask ourselves, “what if?”

STH Faculty: Brett Mills, Dean - Social Studies Department & Mike Adair, Social Studies Department
Available to percussionists and non-percussionists alike, this high-energy in-the-moment adventure provides an opportunity to develop skills using various instruments from around the world in an atmosphere of fun, learning and togetherness.

Designed to empower and inspire novice or experienced musicians while increasing awareness of technical and creative abilities through the experience of improvisational rhythm and sound.

STH Faculty: Donald Thoede, Fine Arts Department, Band Director
Become the next YouTube sensation! Campers work in teams to create their own short digital movie from start to finish using professional cameras, equipment and techniques.

Emerge from this introduction as the next great video producer, editor or television host. Gain insight on how to make an impact either in front of the TV camera or behind-the-scenes. Campers will explore essential broadcast journalism skills and production techniques while utilizing the same Eagle Broadcast Network studio as STH students.

These hands-on sessions with tons of one-on-one instruction are led by St. Thomas faculty and will allow campers to enterprise their own newscast, record video, write and edit their stories and gain valuable experience into other areas of television news in a fun-filled environment.

STH Faculty: Lance Dundee, Technology Department and Eagle Broadcast Network Moderator
Discover applications among the fastest growing STEM fields transforming our world and at the forefront of an emerging trend toward fast prototyping and rapid product development.

Campers discover how to design simple 3D objects and successfully prepare them for 3D printing, as well as the science and chemistry behind the materials in the printing process.

Students will participate on multiple designs and take home at least one printed object.

Design. Create. Print. If all of this sounds complicated, don't worry, it's not! Campers will dive right in and enjoy results within the week. The possibilities are endless.

STH Faculty: Dr. Claire Conboy, Ph.D, Science Department